In collaboration with external leading professionals, GAGDPR offers a wide range of business-related consulting services, focused on SMEs. GAGDPR’s selected business advisors act as trusted and committed partners, ready to respond to every requirement, designing, providing and implementing the best solutions on both day to day and more strategic issues.
Company restructure and restructure of debt
• Actively advising on Mergers & Acquisitions, Spin-offs & Divestitures, capital raising and any other corporate action
• Engineering (and assisting in) corporate restructuring plansOptimizing sources of financing
• Debt restructuring
• Business planning and financial strategy
• Corporate and debt restructuring
• Risk management services
• Tax and legal support
• Contracting support

Corporate Law related services
o Registration and publicity procedures of all corporate entities
o Corporate actions related documentation
o Confidentiality agreements
o Contract drafting and support (Leasing, factoring, franchise)
o E-Commerce Law (E-shops, Software Licensing, Shareholders rights and obligations)
o Administrative and Tax LawTax litigation - Disputes
o Council of State (Environmental Law, Public Procurements)

Tax counseling
o Tax advisory
o Tailor made tax planning and strategy
o Regulatory compliance (Greek Accounting Standards)
o Advice on corporate and commercial issues
o Business Incorporations
o Drafting of Articles of Association
o Corporate structure