We provide drafting and negotiating services, as contracting support on "standard contract terms agreements" for the operational needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, food supplements, food & beverage companies, operating in Europe and abroad. MGS offers effective contract management services through the creation of templates, and review agreements tailored to sector-specific requirements (i.e. pharma & biotechnology sector). Furthermore, our experienced team negotiates all contracts/agreements. Our approach is focused on simplifying day to day operations by ensuring a contract flow that satisfies the following business-critical requirements:

Acceleration of contract cycle times and efficient management of contracts across several office locations, time zones, or languages
Efficient and effective review of business-critical legal terms from experienced professionals
Drafting in five languages (English, French, German, Italian, Greek)
Capability of drafting in Chinese, Russian and Arab language, upon client's request
Negotiation with counterparties
Conducting the L.O.I. and N.D.A in a pre-contract phase
Drafting of clinical research contracts
Successful integration of the contracting support function into the Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process by monitoring compliance at each stage
Creation of legal manuals and delivery of legal training material