Blending critical expertise from the legal, business and IT sectors, GAGDPR creates and implements action plans that will guide and support clients to comprehensive data protection compliance.

A three-stage approach is followed:
1. Comprehensive overview of current data processing (Data mapping)
2. Gap Analysis
3. Action plan and Implementation

The aim is to provide a holistic compliance plan with regard to the requirements of GDPR, in terms of both organizational and technical measures, the implementation of which, will allow clients to reduce the risk of non-compliance.

GDPR compliance is accomplished through the engagement of different business units and the HR Department’s effective infusion of a data protection culture in particular.

During project implementation GAGDPR will:

• Play a leading role during the entire process
• Engage with the persons of interest
• Collect all information required to perform an in-depth Gap Analysis
• Be a focal point for the entire GDPR project
• Produce company policies and SOPs
• Create a Security and a Disaster Recovery Plan

Through project implementation:

• Readiness for a possible data breach is increased
• A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), according to Art. 35 of GDPR, is carried out
• A comprehensive and thorough risk assessment is conducted, as well as the implementation of methods to improve the protection and security of personal data in line with international standards